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How Do KOEEBOX Technologies Improve Business Processes in the Agricultural Sector?

How Do KOEEBOX Technologies Improve Business Processes in the Agricultural Sector?
bx_time 3 min 4 May, 2022

Along with other Industry 4.0 technologies, KOEEBOX devices can help increase the efficiency of agricultural production. With their help, you can control energy consumption, downtime, losses, loadings and collect other important data on the operation of the equipment.

How Do KOEEBOX Work?

KOEEBOX has the form of a small box, which is installed directly on the supply cable through which the equipment consumes electricity. Thus, the system monitors information about the status of the device 24/7 and determines how efficiently it is being used. All received data is transferred to a web application, access to which is available only to responsible employees of the agricultural enterprise.


How Do KOEEBOX Improves Production Efficiency?

Monitoring the operation of equipment allows you to find weaknesses in production processes and refine them, increase the productivity of equipment and workers, optimize energy consumption, prevent failures, etc. Data collected by sensors, as well as information about previous maintenance, allows you to determine the degree of wear and the likelihood of failure of components, and therefore reduce the cost of preventive maintenance and repair.

In combination with Industry 4.0 software solutions for factory automation, such as SmartEAM, KOEEBOX sensors help build production processes with maximum efficiency and minimize energy, raw materials and labor costs. For example, using machine learning, it is possible to select the optimal operating modes for equipment for a sugar factory: to determine how many reagents are required to obtain the highest quality sugar, based on laboratory analyzes of raw materials at different stages of production. In this way, the maximum amount of quality sugar can be produced, regardless of the quality of the sugar beets.

Another advantage of using KOEEBOX in combination with artificial intelligence is more efficient data analysis. For example, in the case when all indicators seem to be normal, but their combination can lead to an accident. The operator may not pay attention to this, but the artificial intelligence algorithm recognizes, because it will have information that such a set of indicators has caused equipment failure in the past.

Modern Industry 4.0 technologies are changing business processes in the agricultural sector, and some of them are already a prerequisite for competitiveness in the market. So it’s worth starting the digitalization of your production as early as possible.

Learn how KOEEBOX devices can change production efficiency – leave an application at and get a month of free testing of the control system on your equipment.