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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

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Industrial Internet of Things is a system of interconnected computer networks with industrial (production) facilities connected to them, to which devices for collecting and exchanging data and related software are connected, allowing to control and manage this system remotely and automatically, without the involvement of people. This term is used in the IIoT format.

What Tasks Does IIoT Solve?

The Industrial Internet of Things is a key element of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). Its application provides new opportunities for industrial development in various directions:

  • increasing the productivity of equipment and product quality by equipment condition monitoring;
  • ensuring the best enterprise asset management;
  • reduction of material and energy costs;
  • optimization and improvement of working conditions of employees;
  • increasing the profitability of production;
  • increasing the company’s competitiveness in the domestic and global markets.

Thanks to IIoT, industrial companies can digitalize processes, improve business models, implement high-quality RCM analysis and CMMS, as well as increase productivity and production efficiency, while reducing costs.

Where Can IIoT Be Used?

The industrial Internet of Things is widely used in manufacturing, factories, and heavy industry. For example, in the field of mining, electricity generation, aircraft construction, etc. It is also used in industries and areas such as agriculture, logistics, finance, and public services, as well as in intersectoral solutions.

Already, 72% of companies worldwide plan to invest more in IIoT to meet sustainable development goals.

KOEEBOX Sensors as an Example of Using IIoT

KOEEBOX sensors are installed on the equipment and connected via the mobile Internet to a web application. In this way, employees can monitor the performance of production facilities remotely and at any time. Devices make it possible to assess the potential of the enterprise (how much more products can be produced with a constant amount of equipment), as well as to find weaknesses in production processes and eliminate them.

Combined with other Industry 4.0 technologies (such as artificial intelligence), KOEEBOX allows to fully automate production and optimize production processes (for example, reducing raw materials to produce the same amount of products).