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Capacity of Equipment

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Capacity of equipment is the productivity of production equipment per unit of time. The capacity of equipment of the enterprise means the largest possible volume of production, the performance of work, or provision of services in one year, provided that all available resources will be used to the full.

Types of Capacity of Equipment

There are several types of the capacity of equipment units:

  1. Theoretical (also called a passport) power – the maximum permissible performance of the equipment per unit of time. It is expressed by the number of suitable products or the amount of work of a certain type, in some cases, also by the number of raw materials processed per unit of time.
  2. The average actual capacity of units of equipment of a specific type – the ratio of the amount of actually produced products (work performed) to the time during which the equipment worked.

Based on Which the Production Capacity Is Determined?

The capacity of the largest production unit is determined by the capacity of its leading division:

  • the capacity of the site — according to the leading group of equipment;
  • workshop capacity — according to the leading section;
  • the capacity of the enterprise – based on the leading workshop.

The leading unit is considered to be the one where most of the production fixed assets are located, which carry out the main operations for the creation of products. The total capacity of individual enterprises producing one type of product is the production capacity of the industry.

How Is the Value of Production Capacity Determined?

The units of measurement of capacity of equipment are the same in which the products produced are measured (tons, pieces, kilometers, etc.). Power is calculated using the following data:

  • information on production fixed assets;
  • information on the use of areas and the mode of operation of the equipment;
  • standards of equipment productivity and labor intensity of products;
  • the level of qualification of employees.

The calculation takes place when using 100% of the production equipment and areas, taking into account the organization of the production process, the planned modernization of the equipment, as well as the improvement of technology.

Which Affects the Capacity of Equipment?

The following actions can improve production capacity:

  • reducing equipment downtime or replacing it with a new one;
  • an increase in the number of workers involved in the production, who will be able to produce a larger number of products;
  • establishing a variable work schedule or increasing production with the involvement of a bonus system for fulfilling the increased production plan;
  • professional development of employees;
  • application of preventive maintenance software;
  • reducing the labor cost of manufacturing a product unit by using modern technologies: KOEEBOX equipment condition monitoring sensors, artificial intelligence, etc.