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Power Consumption

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Energy consumption is the process of power usage by equipment during operation, production, work, etc. In production, energy consumption occurs during the operation, manufacture, repair, or disposal of products. Effective enterprise asset management is impossible without maintaining the optimal level of energy consumption.

Power Consumption Rate

For the proper functioning of the enterprise, it is necessary to comply with the energy consumption rate. This is a calculated and justified amount of energy resources necessary and sufficient for the implementation of the technological process with the specified parameters of production and the environment.

The calculation of the energy consumption rate is carried out for the following purposes:

  1. Identification of production sites where energy resources are used inefficiently.
  2. Planning the amount of energy consumption to evaluate the economic activity of the enterprise.
  3. Calculation of the volume of energy consumption for planning the quantity and purchase of energy resources.

Monitoring the level of energy consumption allows to evaluate the efficiency of energy consumption and the effectiveness of the implementation of energy-saving measures. Based on this assessment, it is possible to predict and plan production processes.

What Is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is an indicator of the rational use of energy resources at the current level of technological development of the enterprise and compliance with environmental requirements.

There are four steps you can take to improve energy efficiency in your business:

  1. Analyze the situation in terms of costs and production of electricity.
  2. Identify the potential for energy saving in the enterprise.
  3. Draw up an action plan to increase energy saving while maintaining the same amount of production.
  4. Carry out planned activities to increase energy saving.

After the introduction of measures to improve energy efficiency, an increase in the economic effect of the enterprise is observed. The competitiveness of products in the world and domestic markets is growing since the consumption of electricity per unit of goods is decreasing and there is no need to raise prices anymore. It also contributes to the modernization of equipment, which allows the company to be more modern and safer, optimize processes, and reduce production costs.

How to Measure Energy Consumption?

To measure the level of energy consumption on the equipment, KOEEBOX wireless sensors are installed, which do equipment condition monitoring 24/7. The obtained data helps to continuously monitor the performance of devices and identify weaknesses, carry out planned preventive maintenance on a precisely calculated schedule, receive notifications of equipment stoppages, anticipate future damage, make equipment downtime classification, and perform many other processes that increase production productivity.